Flex Protect

Flex Protect is a composite material made by sandwiching PE-UHMW and an oil-resistant rubber (NBR). The press sintering process we have selected bonds the two materials together in a non-detachable manner. The user thus has the option of gluing the rubberized side.
gray-blue (5004)
Special features
Material with one-sided rubber surface for bulk material industry
Food Conformity
high chemical resistance
high wear resistance
no moisture absorption
very good impact resistance
anti-adhesive behavior
oil-resistant rubber layer (NBR rubber)
Field(s) of application
Material for linings
Conveying Technology and Automation
Beverage and Bottling Industry
Machinery and Plant Engineering
Food Industry
Raw material group(s)
PE-UHMW | Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene
Special color(s)
Material color(s)
material color-9
Material information
Flex Protect
Safety data sheets
Flex Protect